Enjoying Pensacola

What to see and do in the low-key city of the Panhandle

It is the westernmost city in Florida, you have to delay your watch by an hour on the spot, and it is also the home of the Blue Angels, this elite squadron of the US Navy: Pensacola, the town of valleys and white sand, of the historical heritage and of colonial houses is decidedly atypical.

How about a day in Pensacola, or a month or even more? It is easy to find Florida resident staycation deals in Pensacola or nearby. You can use one of their festivals as an excuse to stay, such as the Pensacola Crawfish Festival (in May) or the Pensacola Seafood Festival (in September). And there are many other things to see in Pensacola, we list a few below.

Historic Pensacola Village

In Pensacola, mass tourism and concrete are not (yet) there and thus leave the city with its natural charm and beauty. Therefore there is an old district, the Old Pensacola, which it is very pleasant to visit on foot, strolling between Victorian, colonial or even Conch Style mansions, depending on the streets.

After a stroll among the reconstructed artisan shops (old printing houses, saddlery), take a break at Seville Square, a cute little place with an impeccable lawn and where you will surely see couples who have been married for a few minutes at the oldest church in Florida (1832), the Old Christ Church, which is next door.

A big hollow? Direction the Hub Stacey’s, this small bar with a pleasant terrace, renowned for the more than generous size of its sandwiches, all of first freshness … Ladies and gentlemen in full low calorie diet, go your way …A big dip and a few more dollars? Do not miss a dinner at the Fish House in this vast wooden house with its feet in the water: the fish specialties are all delicious and plentiful, the setting is truly splendid and picturesque, especially when the sea breeze tickles the masts ships. Please note, we recommend that you book as it is often crowded.

TT Wentworth Museum

The good news: a visit to this museum which traces the history of the city is free if you have taken a ticket to the Historic Pensacola Village next door. The bad news: apart from taking the guided tour option (you will then visit the old and beautiful typical neighborhood houses such as the Dorr House, a neo-Greek residence or the Charles Lavalle House, in Franco-Creole style), there is not too much to see to it is still worth wandering around.

Perdido Key Beach

Regularly listed as one of the 20 most beautiful beaches in the United States, this quiet little spot with immaculate sand is well stocked in the surrounding area with shops, refreshment bars and restaurants. You can also practice all water sports with equipment rental stands everywhere. Finally, sports fishermen can have a great time because the place is famous for its big catches.

Fort Pickens

It is the main of the four forts built to protect the bay of Pensacola in the 19th century. Its construction lasted 5 years, leaked liters of sweat and cost the lives of hundreds of slaves. Successively transformed into a hospital and a prison, which also hosted Geronimo, the famous Apache prisoner, Fort Pickens is now a quiet place frequented by tourists and the curious.

Aviation Museum and Blue Angels

Pensacola is home to the oldest naval air base in the country, built in 1914 and which houses over 170 aircraft and spacecraft of all kinds. Visiting Pensacola and missing the Aviation Museum is a bit like the cake without the cherry, it leaves a certain unfinished flavor.

Finally have a drink at Mc Guire Irish Pub. Redheads, blondes, brunettes … they are all delicious and brewed on site, the Mc Guire beers! In addition, the decor is truly original, with the hundreds of green tickets signed by customers lining the walls of the bar, in short, enough to end your day well.